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THIS Month
Aug. 24th, 2006 @ 12:35 pm (no subject)
my mood : cheerfulcheerful
hey , what r yall up 2 im at jobcorps. 4 a while im with a great guy that i love o so much e-mail me at sexeysnowbunny@yahoo.com , or on V.F user nams domslilstripper, well i misss !!
Apr. 16th, 2006 @ 09:09 pm sorry
my mood : cheerfulcheerful
sorry i havent updated in a while.......... Things are kidda crazey im not home much and if or when i am im grounded. I have been varey happy lately with life even thow im going to have a baby sister in june or july , but im ok with that ... and my moms b/f isan ass , i dont give a fuck anymore i have great friends... I have been meeting a lot of ppl threw heather and her x/my friend. Im still singel wich kidda sucks but i have relized that i dont need a man to be happy and they usally just cause pain. I am ok with were my life is and what im doing even ifother pepole arent. well that sabout all for now

Feb. 7th, 2006 @ 11:37 pm long night
my mood : awakeawake
Current Music: Dead on Arrival ~Fall Out Boy
Another long night for me.

I just got off the phone with terry , and now im about to go out , i need a b/f , lol. Have any ideas? WEll LET ME NO.

i love you
Feb. 4th, 2006 @ 06:55 pm (no subject)
Tursday~ Me and my friend Allyica went to butterfly these 2 guys tryed to ummmmmmm pick us up it was kidda scarey, at frist it was all fine.we talked and played pool then like we went to go chill in thir van and the one guy told us that we wouldnt go ann place but the other guy had other ideas. well whatever we got out like after ten 15 mins. My mom came and got us around 8 then we all went to a hotel. It kidda sucked b/c the water wasnt hott and we had a hot tub in our room. The guy at the frount desk was supposed to come and "make it hott" around 11:30 when he got off but he never did. Me and Allica walked to white castle and told them how shitey the room was so they gave us free pop , and this one guy is all like can i come over and were like yes we told him our room # and asked when he would be thir he goes 1, And he showed up but my mom wouldnt let us let him in (cryz.)
Feb. 1st, 2006 @ 01:37 am (no subject)
my mood : boredbored
the shortest word i no is "i"
the sweetest word i no is "love"
the only one for me is "you"

THIS SUCKS ................. im grounded 4 2 weeks!!!!!!!!! i hate it! i cant stand being in the house.

today wasnt that band thow sean,terry,allica,jamie,and me all hanged out this morning and drove around , we had a delayed start. we skiped our 2ed and i didnt go in till my 6th. i had FUN.
Jan. 26th, 2006 @ 06:08 am YES
my mood : indescribableCONFUSED
today i hanged out with Allica, we we acting really dum and we just messed around. After i left thir i went to seans terry was thir 2. we just hang out and sean was all like trying to do stuff with me. o well whatever ~ hummmmmmmmm....thirs this dace thing at school (The sweet heart dance) and i wasnt about to go but........ i am now , im going with **** JUST AS FRIENDS. Hes buying my ticket so i couldnt say no & i really wanna go. but one of my other friends told me that hes ganna ask me back out that night , i love and care for him but not like that. what should i do? i wanna go with him but i dont want him to think i like him in THAT way.

Jan. 25th, 2006 @ 10:44 am omg
my mood : enthralledlalalalalalalalala
im still kidda sick so i didnt go to school ....mom left me all alone till 6pm so whats a girl to do??? PARTY! it was a blast. alot of my friends came from Detroit came over,i wanted all my friends from over here to come but no one called me today till like 6 and thats when it ended...........well anyways , T,Q,Kim,Wes,Snoop,Lt, Bad News,Big Mike,Jason,and Timothe all came over at like 10am , we stayed here 4 a bit then went to T's house. we played some video games and hanged out. After that we played FOOTBALL nothins better when you got a hole lot of hott guys tackling you. then we wached a movie and chiller in a HOT TUB man it was FUN!!i cant wate to do it agin. i just wish that more pplz were thir. o well maybe next time........lol

Jan. 24th, 2006 @ 10:47 am (no subject)
my mood : sicksick
i havent writen in a bit sorry............. im ganna take it back to saterday i went to the mall with allyica,terry,sean,and my lil bro it was lotz of fun! then almost every1 came back to my house (sean didnt) we drank some shit terry brong oner and then we had lots more um........you can say fun. Terry left at like 11:30 and allyica spent the night. Sunday we got up and chilled Terry came back 4 a lil bit , Sean did 2 but i wasnt feeling well so they all left.I got some rest and then went 2 terrys were i hang with him and joe. Mon i went to school but i felt like shite all day right after i went to allyica's i left at 4 something went home and slept most the day. today i stayed home all day I DONT FEEL WELL! I seen jamie came bye 4 a few later after he left terry and joe came bye 2.Terry thinks i should go back out with sean ...i love him and all but as a friend + i dont no what i want right now. well i need my rest so laterz. i love yaz
Jan. 18th, 2006 @ 12:42 pm nm
my mood : coldcold
thir hasnt been much going on with me lately.....yesterday i hanged out with terry and joe then with terry and sean. i had fun! terry,sean.and me went 2 the mall and just messed around then back to terrys. i have to pupies speedy and mut or sean and jamie. today i got writed on and every1 keeps trying to feel me up...........lol i think i might hang with sean today ..and terry 2 and tonight i will party. tursday im ganna party with my friend and her b/fs friends I HOPE. she told me they were really hott. YES! well TTYzL

~ im at my dude tjs house im spending the night! he kool and i can talk 2 him about shit. be4 i came over here i hanged with terry joe allica and sean. today was fun and the night will be better. i still love him.

nO matta wut happenSz ima make iit
if im not happy ill juss fake iit
ii been thru backstabersz, biiTchez & liieSz
ii qOtta whOle liist of ppl ii despise
sO iif u gOt ma trust dOnt lOose iit
Jan. 17th, 2006 @ 06:22 am today sucks
my mood : worriedworried
well like all wayz im the last to know anything. joe dumped me ........"were on a brake" HOW LONG i dk. but i gess we have been 4 a few days. o well all i can do is sit back and hope he will come back.I STILL LOVE HIM. is that crazey? well to sad to write so